“Activated Body Movement”

Dance you say? We are a groove oriented tight knit group, who understands the rhythms of life and music. The highest compliment for a musician is to to see people come out of their comfort zone, stand up and move their body’s to the music. We encourage the audience to take a chance, be brave, by doing the same on stage. We go for it, so you will see its ok to take a risk. The payoff is worth any emotional internal struggle. If you have a life, live it!

“Celebration of Life”

When we appreciate the air we breathe and the health we do have, we can be both thankful and most likely happy too. We look to make you smile somehow, if even just for a song or two. I believe you are there hoping to experience something that makes your life a little bit better. If we help you in that regard, we have shared a mutual moment where the tensions in life are resolved for a bit.

“Love and Romance”

You are there together as a couple, or are seeking companionship. We want you to share that moment, by enjoying a meal or tasty beverage with someone special. We will all celebrate together, punctuated by a birthday song, a ballad to dance real slow and express your feelings in that moment.

“Feeling Free”

This is where you can be whatever you want, relaxed, pumped up, mellow, chilled, engaged, zoned out, dancing with your friends. It’s your time, you choose. We provide possibilities. Just remove any burdens you have in your life, let go and be present in the moment.


We know your time and interest is worth something. We value you just being there and supporting the businesses that host us and any merch or tickets you buy. We work hard for you. We believe in the power of music, that connects us together.